For four years the Serca Festival of Irish Theatre has brought Edmonton audiences productions that tell compelling stories about the human condition through Irish Theatre.
February 26–March 3, 2013
La Cite Francophone
8627 Rue Marie-Anne Gaboury (91 St)
Edmonton, Alberta
The Serca Festival exists for many intertwined reasons. The most important of these is to give excellent Irish Theatre to Edmonton audiences. Edmonton is a city with a very mature theatrical culture. Edmonton audiences are literate, open, and unpretentious. They want a worthwhile story, told well. Irish theatre tells compelling stories about the human condition very well, using simple theatricality and some of the richest English ever written.
This year we are proud to present four fantastic plays including:

Grumpus Gets Revenge
written and performed by Ken Brown

Tristan and Isolde
adapted by Elizabeth Hobbs,
Jessica Peverett and Nicole Schafenacker, with choreography
by Ainsley Hillyard

adapted by Irish playwright
Tom Paulin and directed by
Mark Henderson

by Brian Friel, directed by
Frank Zotter
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